James Nabi Michael The Auroral Entanglement
Science Fiction

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I'm James Nabi Michael, author of The Auroral Entanglement.

About the Author
James Michael is an aeronautical engineer and an avid science fiction reader and writer who has written several short stories. The former pilot has lived in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Seattle, Montreal, Savannah, Washington DC, London, England, Cairo, Egypt and Munich, Germany, but now happily resides in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife and daughter.

About my latest book, The Auroral Entanglement

Jack, a bush pilot, charters tours of Alaska's terrain that includes night flights to view the aurora borealis from the sky. One fateful October night, when forecasters predict an exceptionally vivid aurora, Jack embarks on a solo flight to fly closer to the multicolored lights. Drawn to a fingerlike funnel that stretches toward the ground, Jack ignores the concerns in the back of his mind and flies through the anomaly before it dissipates back into the night sky. As Jack returns to the airport, he has no idea that his life is about to change.

Only a few days later, Jack is sitting in a local bar with friends when he suddenly realizes something is different. For a moment Jack seems to come out of himself - he can feel the pain of others, and sees brief flashes cross his mind. It is not long before Jack discovers he has developed a strange ability to entangle his mind with others. With his newfound gift, Jack soon finds ways to aid friends, uncover falsehoods, and even intertwine his mind with an eagle.

In this intriguing science fiction tale, a fearless pilot must come to terms with his telepathic ability and somehow weave his unintended gift into the course of his life.