James Nabi Michael The Auroral Entanglement
Science Fiction

James Nabi Michael, author of The Auroral Entanglement
James Michael is an aeronautical engineer and an avid science fiction reader and writer who has written several short stories. This is his first novel.

I am working on a second novel called "The Racer" about a former race car driver who makes a deal with death so he can race again.

I also drive a Formula 1000 race car with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), sponsored by Berlousche Engineering, an engineering firm specializing in structural analysis including Stress, Fatigue, and Damage Tolerance analysis including Detailed Finite Element Modeling (DFEM). We also provide design support as needed.

The former pilot has lived in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Seattle, Savannah, Montreal, Washington DC, Cairo, Egypt, Munich, Germany, and London, England but now happily resides in Fort Worth, Texas, with his wife and daughter.

I returned from Savannah, Georgia in June of 2014 after having worked there for 9 months. It's nice being home in Fort Worth! I'm working now at Triumph Aerostructures on a Wing Program for a new Bombardier Jet!