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Events and breaking news!

The Barnes and Noble store by Hulen Shopping Center (4801 Overton Ridge Blvd) in southwest Fort Worth is carrying a hard copy of The Auroral Entanglement so come on by and pick up a copy! I plan to participate in their author programs in early 2020 as well!

TOP LINK Publishing has offered to sponsor "The Auroral Entanglement" and I will be working with them on a Marketing Campaign over the next 3 months to bring more visibility to the book. They are one of the experts in Book Marketing so it will be exciting to work with them! My contact there is Andy Miller.

I have a copy of "The Auroral Entanglement" at my desk at work and enjoy discussing the book with colleagues and handing out cards and other information to those who have an interest in science fiction and bush flying!

I plan to continue participation in the Kroger Authors in Store program in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Hope to see you out at Kroger in the near future!

I was living in Savannah, Georgia and sold several novels to friends and associates there and have a hard copy of the novel at the Live Oak Public Library in downtown Savannah.

I am also exploring the opportunity to showcase the novel at a Bookstore in Teneriffe in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Old News

I sold The Auroral Entanglement at the Kroger Food Store in south Fort Worth located at 3120 S. University Drive as part of their Author In Kroger Stores Program. The store is near the TCU campus. I was there Aug 30-31st and Sept 1st, 2013. Thank you Kroger for giving me the opportunity to sell signed copies of The Auroral Entanglement!

I sold The Auroral Entanglement at the Kroger Food Store in southwest Fort Worth located at 6080 S. Hulen as part of their Author In Kroger Stores Program on Aug 9th-11th, 2013. It was great fun talking to people at the store and to customers! Thank you Kroger!

The authors program at the Benbrook library on Feb 23rd, 2013 was great fun. I gave a 20 minute presentation on "The Auroral Entanglement", discussed the writing and publishing process and answered questions from the audience which was the best part! Thank you Benbrook Library and Cullen Dansby for sponsoring the event! I also participated in the North Texas Book Fair on April 13th.


The Women, Pilots, and Writers in Aviation Book Fair on Saturday November 10th, 2012 was covered by a CNN representative, Cyrus Sajna and here's a link to his coverage:


The event was held at the Fort Worth Central Library in downtown Fort Worth. It was fun and exciting to meet other authors and book readers interested in aviation and science fiction. Thank you Donna Hodgson for organizing the event!

The Rising Star book is being featured on the iUniverse Bookstore Themed Books section for the month of December. The following link is to the Featured Theme Books section (Fiction/Action & Adventure):