James Nabi Michael The Auroral Entanglement
Science Fiction

The Auroral Entanglement was given the prestigious Rising Star Award and the Editor's Choice Award by Publisher I-Universe. These awards are part of their author recognition programs.

Here's an Amazon Review of the Novel by Mike Smith - thanks Mike! 5-Star: Thoughtfully creative! By Mike Smith on April 27, 2013  Format: Kindle Edition. The premise is most intriguing. This author captures and describes many geographical settings in a way that makes you want to visit. Thank you for this most interesting read! 

Leon Cooper, Author of Water, A to Z and author of Blown to Bits: 20,000 Feet over Ploesti writes, "The aviation aspects of the book, The Auroral Entanglement, are highly accurate. The author either has firsthand experience in flying and maintaining planes, or he has an excellent advisor by his side. I find myself right there with Jack as he goes through the paces." Thank you Leon!

Christopher Middleton, award-winning UK journalist and human behaviour expert writes, "JNM's book The Aurora Entanglement is tense, creepy, authentic and just makes you that little bit uneasy about what lies out there...."